Description[edit | edit source]

Happiness is a measurement of how much a Pokemon loves his trainer. This is calculated in the Pokemon Games, but not in UnovaRPG. However, some Pokemon evolve by happiness. These Pokemon can be evolved without any requirements!

Pokemon that evolve by happiness[edit | edit source]

OGolbat.pngGolbat ----> OCrobat.pngCrobat

OChansey.pngChansey ----> OBlissey.pngBlissey

OPICHU.pngPichu ----> 025Pikachu.pngPikachu

Ocleffa.pngCleffa ----> OClefairy.pngClefairy

OIgglybuff.pngIggglybuff ----> OJigglypuff.pngJigglypuff

OTogepi.pngTogepi -----> OTogetic.pngTogetic

OAzurill.pngAzurill ----->OMarill.pngMarill

OBudew.pngBudew ----->ORoselia.pngRoselia

OBuneary.pngBuneary ----->OLopunny.pngLopunny

OChingling.pngChingling ----->OChimecho.pngChimecho

OMunchlax.pngMunchlax -----> 143Snorlax.pngSnorlax

Oriolu.pngRiolu ------> Olucario.pngLucario

OWoobat.pngWoobat -------> 528Swoobat.pngSwoobat

OSwadloon.pngSwadloon ------>542Leavanny.pngLeavanny

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