Roy lam yat long Roy lam yat long 29 March 2012

Shiny Mewtwo Giving Up

Who want shiny Mewtwo at lvl 76,if you want send me massage.

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Coolguy8448 Coolguy8448 18 March 2012



My liepard learned Fire blast??????

How could liepard learn Fire blast????????

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Michielleus Michielleus 6 January 2012

Weird Moves....!?!?!

Hello everybody!

My Volcarona learned a pretty weird move. It learned Night Burst!

It learned it when I forget Take Down and leveled it up.

Since it's Zorua's and Zoroark's signature move, WTF?

THATS NOT THE ONLY THING, look at my Zekrom:

Coil and Zen Headbutt????? HUH????

Leave your thoughts in the comments!!

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Michielleus Michielleus 2 January 2012

Need any Pokemon?

Hello, this is Michielleus.

As you can see on my profile, I have beaten all of the gym leaders in UnovaRPG.

This means I have access to all maps in UnovaRPG. If you need any Golden Pokemon you don't have acces to, like:

  • Golden Kyurem
  • Golden Reshiram
  • Golden Zekrom
  • Any other Golden Pokemon

(Normal and Shiny Pokemon are already in rooms)

If you need any Golden Pokemon, please leave a comment and I will catch it for you (for free).

Pokemon given away:

  • Golden Zekrom Lv 50 (786arif)
  • Golden Snorlax Lv 31 (SnorlaxFTW)

Michielleus 17:07, January 2, 2012 (UTC)

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SnorlaxFTW SnorlaxFTW 29 December 2011

My Wiki's & The Poll of Greatness!!!

First, Please check out my two Wiki's. Awesome Wiki -> Here, Awesome Pokemon Wiki -> Here. Remember to do what you can to help them :D Next, as you all know im a Snorlax. But! Did you know i could swim? Proof ->

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